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                                Honey Products
Item 29-1401   Black Locust Honey            $8.00 + shipping

Item 29-1402   Sweet Clover Honey            $8.00 + shipping

Number of Jars
Item 29-1403  Indiana Wildflower Honey    $8.00 + shipping

Number of Jars

Item 29-1403 B  Holiday Special Antique Muth Jar  $11.00 + Shipping

Number of Jars

                           Live Honey Bees
 Item 29-1404  Over-wintered 10 Frame Hive with frame exchange      $250.00  Taking Orders February, 2018
Item 29-1405  Over-wintered Nucleus Hive with cardboard Nuc box        $165.00  Taking Orders February, 2018
All Live Honey Bee orders are for pick-up only in Noblesville, Indiana.  Please email or call for details and to place order.
Deposit of 50% required on all Nuc and Hive orders.


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